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Check These 7 Pointers For Selecting A Chimney Cleaning Service

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As a homeowner, you must spend considerably on home maintenance every year. Out of all the other tasks, chimney maintenance is one job that must be given top priority. You can still manage smaller jobs like landscaping the garden and coloring the basement, but chimney cleaning should be done by professionals. While there are many services around, not all are fair and genuine. In this post, we have listed seven things you need to check for finding a chimney cleaning service.

  1. Check if they are certified and licensed. You will be surprised to know that many companies don’t even have an office, and yet, they keep getting contracts, which are sold to third-party services for a commission. First things first, the concerned chimney sweep should be licensed and must be certified by CSIA.
  2. How do they hire their cleaners? Many companies may advertise that they are CSIA-certified, but in reality, only a couple of their staff members have CSIA certification. Ask them about their hiring process and whether they have trained their team members additionally. You also need to know if all the cleaners are permanent employees of the concerned service.

  1. What’s the estimate? Chimney maintenance can be expensive in some areas, but do not work with a company that doesn’t offer an estimate in advance. The price should be inclusive of all charges. In most cases, they send their experts to check the condition of your home chimneys, and based on the required work, they will give a quote.
  2. Check for reviews and complaints. Well, if you have the option, check the rating of the company with Better Business Bureau. Also, it is better to take a look at third-party portals to know if there are complaints against the concerned service. Check the reviews on their website, as well.
  3. Do they have insurance? A chimney sweep service should ideally have two kinds of insurance. The first is general liability insurance. In case their workers end up damaging the roof or parts of the chimney, the policy will help in covering the losses. Additionally, the company should have workers’ compensation insurance too. Workplace mishaps in such jobs are quite common, and thereby, having insured and bonded workers for chimney cleaning is more than important.

  1. Will they offer references? If a company claims to be in business for more than five years, they must have enough clients in the area. Ask for references, so that you can know their work and overall reputation better.
  2. Check if they are good with support. Some chimney sweep services do offer warranties on the job done, while others are cordial and helpful with customers. You need to know how the company plans to address your concerns, in case you are not happy with the job done. Also, they must be available to take your calls and must appoint a cleaning session according to your convenience.

Check online now to know more about chimney cleaning services, and don’t forget to seek an estimate.


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