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Overview of Underfloor Heating Systems: Things you need to know!

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When it comes to selecting a heating system for your home, the number of choices can be really surprising. You have to find something that’s more like an investment for at least a decade to come and doesn’t require frequent maintenance, repairs. At the same, the system should be energy efficient and safe to use. Underfloor heating systems tick all the boxes we just mentioned. In this post, let’s talk of this in detail.

What is an underfloor heating system?

For the uninitiated, underfloor heating systems are also called radiant heating. As the name suggests, the heat is generated from interconnected wires or pipes, which lie underneath the flooring. As electricity or any source of power goes into the grid of wires, heat is produced, which is then transferred to the upper layer of the floor. If the underfloor heating system uses pipes, the mixture used inside includes water and antifreeze. As you can guess, such systems heat the room from the floor, and therefore, the comfort level is much higher. There are two variants in this

  • Electric underfloor heating system
  • Water underfloor heating system

Both have a few pros and cons, but your budget is the most important factor. In terms of installation, electric underfloor heating system are cheaper, but the water-based ones often last longer. If you check for underfloor heating installation services from Trading Depot, you can get great offers.

Should you consider an underfloor heating system?

Now, that’s a valid question. There are many advantages of underfloor heating systems over traditional heaters and radiators. First and foremost, these systems don’t need to operate on a high temperature, which helps in reducing energy spending. You can increase energy efficiency considerably as underfloor heating systems usually operate below 30 degrees Celsius. With such systems, you get rid of radiators, which have a safety risk associated and might not be the ideal solution for homes with kids and pets. You don’t need the fireplace anymore, and yes, the wall and flooring space is free for you to use in anyway you like.

If you are going for an underfloor heating system, just make sure that you are aware of the installation time and costs. Some companies can finish the work quicker, but it is best to get a deadline and estimate for the job. Also, check the warranty on the product before you make the investment.

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