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3 Upgrades You Can Make in Your Kitchen Without Breaking the Bank

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As one of the featured spaces in selling homes, kitchen upgrades aren’t cheap. Whether the buyer is a cook or not, the kitchen is important. It lends itself to your daily routine. It is seen when hosting events or having friends over. Everyone has a vision of their dream kitchen, whether they use it or not. For that to happen, small factors have to come together: the appliances, the countertop, the backsplash, the cabinetry, the floor, the lighting, and the spaciousness. When upgrading your kitchen, all these small details add up.

The upgrade of your kitchen highly depends on your current space. If your house is one meant for families, an open concept is ideal. Parents can do their work in the kitchen and still have access to their children in the living room. To make the transition work, the flooring has to be consistent all throughout. Vinyl wood flooring is one way to make it happen.

  • Change the flooring material

There are open concept homes that still make use of different flooring materials. The carpet runs in the living room and changes to tile in the kitchen. There is nothing wrong with it, and for the most part, it seems like the most practical choice: use the best material for the space.

However, there is a compromise. Using vinyl is warmer compared to tile for the living room and rugs can be added for comfort and style. When vinyl is in the kitchen it is easy to clean, just like tile, but without the same disruption in texture and looks.

It is an upgrade that does its original job and so much more.

  • Add downlights over your island

Having an island in an open concept kitchen is common. It serves as a barrier between the kitchen and the dining area without actually building walls. Another upgrade you can make is to add downlights to your island. They add more options for mood and atmosphere during an event and can also be used as soft lighting when moving around at night.

If your kitchen island already has downlights, then perhaps customise them to suit your current project. Most houses are built with one theme in mind. If you want to upgrade your house, you need to take it away from its generic mould. Changing the aesthetics behind your downlights could be your custom touch.

  • Repaint the cabinets or the walls         

If you are looking for a more visible change, repainting your cabinets or your walls can give you the impact you want. Go for contrasting colours that have good accents to make it happen. It is an age-old trick that does the job nicely and simply.

Kitchen upgrades will always depend on the person. You can predict what appliances will make buyers swoon; focus on what they wouldn’t want to do on a working day – and makes it an upgrade which offers greater convenience.

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