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4 Common Pests that can Damage your Roof

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Pests can be irritating, scary, destructive, and a threat to your wellbeing. You want them as far away from your home as possible, but then they like your home, and your presence is critical to their survival.

Research shows that roofs are the prime target for most insects, rodents, and birds, as these creatures can set up a home there and wreak havoc without being disturbed or detected. If you see any of these pests on your roof, act quickly or risk dealing with a full-blown infestation in the future.

Rats and Mice

Rats and mice are known for their stubbornness and rapid breeding. It can be quite difficult to get rid of them once they enter your home. They live in sewers, pipes, drains, rubbish, etc. and love the coziness of your attic. Anything that is made of wood, fabric or plastic is not safe from mice, and your roof’s framework is an ideal target. Consider checking your attic once in a while for a possible mice or rat infestation.

Find out more here on ways to detect an infestation and get rid of mice from your home.


In the spring and winter, roofs can prove quite tempting for birds looking for a warmer place to nest. This is not a cute thing. The creation of nests combined with the build-up of bird droppings can create areas of weakness, setting your roof up for some serious damage in the foreseeable future.

A pest professional can help you remove nests beneath your roof and fill the crevices that may attract the birds back into your home.


There are several wood-boring insects that can set up a home in your roof and brew a disaster without your knowledge. Termites and Powderpost beetles are good examples of such insects.

There are many tested-and-tried home remedies that you can employ in the event of an insect infestation, but hiring a pest professional remains the go-to solution.


Raccoons carry rabies and that’s reason enough to not let one get anywhere near you. However, they can be destructive to your home too. Compared to mice, these night crawlers are heavy and can immensely weaken your roof over time. They also chew on wood, plastic, and other materials that make up part of your roof’s framework, which is a recipe for a potential structural disaster on your home. Consider calling a pest exterminator if you suspect you have a raccoon infestation. A professional will find a humane way to deal with the rodents and cut off potential access points.


Any of these animals can cause great damage to your home if allowed time to thrive. If you let them stay in your roof, you are unconsciously laying down the welcome for more of them. Check your roof occasionally for signs of nests, droppings, and any other evidence for the presence of pests. The sooner you catch them, the easier it would be to flush them out.

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