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Everything You Need to Know About Traditional Shaker Kitchens

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When it comes to home design, everybody wants a uniquely styled house. The living room is the most popular room to focus on, but the kitchen often gets just as much attention. After all, you want the rooms you spend the most time in to be the most functional, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing. There are many different kitchen design styles you can choose from to work with, and each would fit different needs and personal preferences.

What Is a Traditional Shaker Style Kitchen?

Out of all the different kitchen styles out there, the traditional shaker style kitchen might be one of the most popular. Historically, Shaker kitchens can be traced back to Quaker origins. The style was created by the United Society of Believers of Christ’s Second Appearing in the mid-18th century. Their beliefs were that a good life was based on the principles of honesty, simplicity, and utility, and their home styles reflected that.

Overall, Shaker style kitchens are defined by their simplicity and craftsmanship. They use clean lines to make furniture unique and interesting, even though their pieces are never too overpowering. Production techniques have changed, but the core aspects of Shaker style traditional kitchens in Dorset have remained the same.

Shaker Style Kitchens Today

If you’d like to implement Shaker Quaker styles into your kitchen design today, there are many companies that specialise in that particular style. It’s very easy to incorporate modern styles into the traditional aspects of traditional Shaker kitchens. For example, popular material choices today include quartz and granite, even though the traditional Quaker choice of material would have been soapstone. Traditional flooring was made of either stone or wide timber planks that had been varnished.

There are many different options you could go with to incorporate the Shaker style into your kitchen. For example, you could use a French door fridge and style your cabinets using a plain white colour. Stainless steel appliances would also do well in a Shaker style kitchen. For a little simple addition of personality, you could use a glass and stainless steel mosaic pattern.

Other incorporations of tradition Shaker style might include using cherry cabinetry and marble-type countertops. Make sure to use light, simple colours like whites or almond, off-whites. You can pair these features with a natural mosaic backsplash made of stone and use wood flooring. You could also use warm brown tones for a more elegant look, pairing that with oil-rubbed bronze for appliances, faucets, and other hardware.

Getting Your Own Traditional Shaker Style Kitchen

If you’ve decided to design your kitchen with incorporations of traditional Shaker style, the first step would be to find a professional company to handle the design for you. When you work with professionals, you’re guaranteed to have a kitchen that is made with the best materials and equipped with the finest quality appliances and hardware.

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