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Have Propane Appliances At Home? Here Are Some Quick Safety Tips

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A lot of homes use propane for heating, cooking and more. If you have a propane tank at home, you have probably hooked multiple appliances to it. In this post, we will talk about the amount of propane consumed by general appliances, along with some of the relevant facts.

How long will the full tank last?

Well, it largely depends on the appliances used and number of people in the household. For example, a home with five people will finish up a full-tank of 1000-gallon than a household of two. To understand this better, you need to know a tad more about the unit of measurement known as British Thermal Units, which basically describes the energy amount that’s required to heat one pound of water by a degree. For propane, you get about 91,000 BTUs per gallon per hour. Pool heaters, HVAC furnaces tend to consume more. In fact, any heating device will consume more propane than a regular gas cooktop. You can check https://lingas.com/hot-topics/how-much-propane-do-my-appliances-use/ for more details.

Important safety tips

Most homeowners prefer to have a small portable propane tank at home for obvious needs, and if you have one, make sure to keep it somewhere in the open but covered space. Do not store your propane tank in the basement, close to vehicles or in your car. In case you want to hook up new appliances to the system, it is a good idea to call a qualified propane technician to do the job. Painting propane tanks is allowed, but there are many restrictions and applicable norms in this regard, which you must check with your local propane supplier. It is also a good idea to hire a qualified propane service technician every year for inspections.

Dealing with propane leaks

It’s on purpose that propane smells like rotten eggs. In case of a leak, you should call your propane supplier at the earliest for an inspection. Make sure to vacate the house and take special care of the kids and older people. If it seems to be safe, you can consider turning off the safety valve. Do NOT use any of the appliances, until everything has been checked. Also, take a check for open flames, and if it is safe, you need to put it off.

Propane leaks if ignored can be a big threat to your life, so do keep a check on the tank, especially if you have a portable one at home.

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