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Sand Blast Alternatives

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If you want to ensure that protective coatings better adhere to industrial equipment or similar surfaces, you need to utilise sand blasting services. In fact, sand blasting guarantees a faster turnaround time and can be done for both small and large jobs. After all, if you are a business, you cannot afford any distractions. That is why a sand blasting is often a good solution.

Quality, Dependable Work

You just need to make sure that you choose a specialist if you are interested in services for sand blasting in Perth. The company you choose should offer a full line of services and should be well experienced in the trade. Not only should you expect quality work but the service should also offer the best possible quote.

Sand blasting itself is a method where sand is forcibly propelled so it cleans a service well. It can also be used to etch words, patterns, or designs on a surface. Usually, the process is used to prepare a surface for a protective finish or coating.

Specialists in the field provide various materials for abrasive blasting jobs. That is because inhaling sand can trigger a condition known as silicosis, which is a lung disease. Therefore, “sand” blasters can replace sand for just about any uniform and small particle. Some of these particles take the form of refined walnut shells, coconut shells, powdered abrasives, copper slag, or steel grit.

Extra Precautions

When sand blasting is performed, workers also wear protective gear and the proper ventilation is set up. Therefore, everyone involved is safer and more secure. If you opt for abrasive blasting, the blasting tools that are used are made up of an air compressor, an abrasive, and a blaster nozzle. A steel grit is often recommended for use by blasters as its configuration is angular and therefore is designed for efficient and fast removal of a surface finish. It also removes contaminants from metals.

Because steel grit is softer than aluminium oxide, it will not fracture as easily. Instead the grit leaves a surface that is etched and is ideal for the application of coatings and paints. You can also take advantage of mobile sand blasting services as well as dustless blasting and soda blasting.

Dustless blasting allows blasters to use a combination of water and recycled crushed glass to get rid of coatings and paint products. This can be done on just about any service. The results prove to be more reliable than when regular sand blasting equipment is used. While the water lowers the amount of friction, a rust inhibitor removes any chlorides and leaves a perfectly polished surface.

What are your sand blasting needs? The process is not cut and dry. You have a number of options that are available. Look at the amenities today online.

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