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These 3 Insects are hurting your Beautiful Lawn

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A thick, healthy, emerald green lawn is one of the most inviting parts of a home. However, pest infestation can make it brown, sticky, and disgusting. It can completely lose its appeal and in worst cases, become dangerous. For invaded by the black widow, a poisonous spider, you may need the help of a Sahuarita spider control expert to keep these arachnids away. Here are the five pests that might damage your lawn.

1. Grubs can turn your lawn brown

Also known as beetle larvae, grubs are the most damaging of all known lawn pests. Typically, white grubs are the larvae of different scarab beetles such as Japanese beetles and masked chafers. During the spring, summer, and even early fall, these pests feed on grassroots, a few centimeters below the surface.

Wilted grass blades, brown turf patches, and death of plants are some of the common signs of lawn damage associated with beetle larvae. Sometimes, especially during the summer, you may realize some spongy turf that lifts easily off the ground. This is an indication there are grubs beneath the soil surface. And if you notice moles, crows, and skunks feeding on your law, there is a good chance they are hinting grub for lunch or dinner.

2. Sod webworms eat grass

Sod webworms are larvae of sod webworm moth that cause a lot of damage to turf. They mature to about an inch in length and turn green or brown with dark spots. Note that the gray-tan adult moth features a distinctive protrusion that looks like a double snout.

This type of pests feeds on grass blades and can also eat an entire grass stem. Sometimes they leave brown patches on plant leaves. Sod webworms can cause extensive damage in your lawn within a very short time.

3. Cutworms can damage

Studies show that there are numerous cutworm species that can infest your lawn. Most of these creepy-crawlies are two inches in length and are brown or gray. Some of them may have beautiful stripes. Mature adult moths are often dull gray with black or brown markings.

These worms take shelter in underground burrows daytime and get out at night. They love feeding on the base of different types of grass and can sometimes bite off the stem. Both sheared-off blades of grass and burrows are visible if you inspect your lawn keenly. Cutworms often hit short grasses hardest, causing dead spots within the lawn.

Wrap up

Your lawn can always be an oasis for you and your loved ones. However, such a beautiful lawn is also an irresistible temptation for bugs. They can infest your lawn and transform it into an ugly place full of bugs that can spread dangerous diseases. Backyards invaded by pests tend to turn brown, and these pests can also make their way into your home. The overall damage they cause could cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars.

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