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What Benefits do Assisted Living Facilities offer?

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In case, you ever get embarrassed at the idea of putting your love ones in a nursing home, you should definitely learn about Assisted Living Facilities. You may often wonder what people actually dislike about nursing homes. Most people would be of the opinion that their loved ones would lose their independence. They may not be very fond of the idea that someone else would feed their loved ones, clean up and clothe them.

Benefits of assisted living facility

Assisted living facility has a nice touch about them. They would provide the residents with adequate independence. These kinds of homes have been deemed ideal for an aging or infirm family member. Such members should be able to manage their movement around the house. They should not need any doctor or nurse supervision. A large number of people may need daily assistance for cleaning, eating, cooking or simply performing daily chores. It has been believed that several people across the world have been currently availing the facilities offered by assisted living homes.

What kind of residents live in assisted living facilities

There have been several different people residing in these kinds of homes. All have their own desires and ailments. Most residents have been widowed. A majority of them have been suffering from memory loss. Others have been physically and mentally strong, but they would prefer to be around people of their own age. Some would be having problems with incontinence or mobility. Most patients in these kinds of homes may not have urgent medical needs. As a result, they may not need constant surveillance or hospitalization.

Differences between assisted living homes and nursing homes

Another aspect that differentiates assisted living facilities from nursing homes has been the flexibility of location. These facilities could be hosted inside the apartment complex or even a big home. Although every facility may differ in protocol, patients would be served three meals a day. They would receive regular visits from staff members. The amount of time every staff member would spend at the facility could also vary. Most patients would need 24-hours surveillance. However, others would only need only a couple of visits in a day.

It would largely depend on the conditions reported. In case, a resident has been incapable of bathing or dressing himself, there would be a requirement for regular supervision. In case, a resident majorly requires assistance in cooking meals, doing laundry, lifting heavy objects or running errands outside, there would be less rigorous monitoring.

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