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What Features Should You Look for in a Quality Lawn Mower Tractor?

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Ride-on mowers are more convenient than push mowers. You can quickly cover your entire yard in a fraction of the time. However, these mowers also cost more, which is why you should take the time to review the most important features of lawn mower tractors.

Manual or Hydrostatic Transmission

Like automobiles, ride-on mowers provide two primary options for the transmission. You may choose between manual and hydrostatic transmissions. The manual transmission is more common. However, the hydrostatic transmission is often easier to control, especially if you are not familiar with manually shifting gears in an automobile.

Examine the Size of the Engine

For general use, the engine size is not a major factor. However, you may need a more powerful engine if you plan on using the tractor for other tasks, such as attaching a trailer. The engine size may also impact your ability to mow overgrown grass and weeds or travel over rough terrain.

Consider the Cutting Width of the Mower

When shopping for a lawn mower tractor in Northern Ireland, you should also consider the cutting width of the mower. A wider cutting width will allow you to perform fewer passes and complete your mowing faster.

There are two potential issues with purchasing a ride-on mower with a very wide cutting width. First, you need to ensure that you will have enough storage space for the mower. Also, you may have difficulty mowing narrow areas with a wider mower.

Consider the narrowest part of your yard and any areas that you need to pass through, such as a gate. The cutting width should be narrow enough to pass through these areas without difficulty.

Out-Front and Mid-Mount Mowers

There are two primary configurations for the cutting blades on a ride-on mower. This is referred to as the cutting-deck position. You can choose between out-front mowers and mid-mount mowers.

With the out-front, or front-mount, cutting-deck position, the blades are positioned in front of the mower. This makes it easier to see where you are cutting and may be useful in areas with a lot of obstacles. For example, if you need to cut around gardens, plants, and other objects, an out-front mower may be more convenient.

The mid-mount mowers have cutting blades that are positioned below the driver’s seat. Mid-mount mowers are typically shorter than front-mount mowers. If you have limited storage space, you may enjoy the shorter size of the mower. Manoeuvring around tight turns is also easier with a mid-mount mower.

Besides these features, you may also want to examine and compare the prices, comfort, and size of the fuel tank. To help select the best mower, you should also consider the size and layout of your yard. Keep these details in mind as you start shopping for lawn mower tractors.

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